AutoCAD is a thrilling field that combines creativity with technical skill. Envision employed for a consulting or construction company, utility, reserve or manufacturing/engineering firm, developing detailed drawings for a building, a new product, or a public space. And envisage illustrating a concept in 3D rather than drawing out a plan by hand. AutoCAD makes it easy, and our AutoCAD training makes it relaxed for you to learn. The AutoCAD training course guides you step by step, from simple operations to more complex functions. You’ll begin with the fundamental theory and practice of AutoCAD and quickly advance to drawing polylines, dimensions, isometric drawings and 3D modeling. Our institute puts you on the track to accomplishment. You’ll also get instruction on how to start your AutoCAD career and get the best AutoCAD jobs around the world.

Learn Auto Cad (Architectural 2d,3d ) 3ds Max (Vray) At Professional Level 

 AutoCAD in Architectural2D+3D


Introduction to Auto CAD?Duration  : 3 – 6(months).

  • What is Auto CAD?
  • History of Auto CAD?

History of Construction?

History of Scale System?

  • (F.P.S)System.
  • (M.K.S) System.

Types of Auto CAD Drawing?

  • Building Architectural Drawing.§
  • Electrical Drawing.
  • Surgical Drawing.
  • Mechanical Drawing.
  • Auto Mobile Drawing.
  • Aircraft Drawing etc.

Introduction to Commands?

  • Auto CAD 2D Command Introduction.
  • Auto CAD 2D Command Using.
  • Auto CAD Theory.
  • 2D Plan Introduction.
  • Plan Tracing 2D.
  • 3D Introduction.
  • 3D CommandsIntroduction.
  • 3D Commands Using Introduction.

Using Dialog Boxes and Toolbars.

  • Drawing Aids.
  • General Utility Commands.
  • Drawing Layers.
  • Toolbars.
  • Beginning a New Drawing (Standard Toolbar)
  • Saving and Exiting.
  • 2D Line (Draw Toolbar
  • Points (Draw Toolbar)
  • Circles (Draw Toolbar)
  • Fillets (Modify Toolbar)
  • Chamfer (Modify Toolbar)
  • Polygon (Draw Toolbar)
  • Ellipse (Draw Toolbar)
  •  Zoom and Pan (Standard Toolbar)
  • Selecting Objects.
  • Erase and Break (Modify Toolbar)
  • Move and Copy (Modify Toolbar)
  • Trim (Modify Toolbar)
  • Extend (Modify Toolbar)
  • Undo (Standard Toolbar)
  • Hatching (Draw Toolbar)
  • Mirror (Modify Toolbar)
  • O Snap (Object Snap Toolbar)
  • Array (Modify Toolbar)
  • Scale (Modify Toolbar)
  • Rotate (Modify Toolbar)
  • Divide (Draw Toolbar)
  • Offset (Modify Toolbar)
  • Dimensioning

NOTE: At the end of the course a final test will be taken and diploma certificate

Will be issued only to those students who will pass the test with good percentage

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